Drive 2022 – A free virtual event for SMEs

Drive 2022 – A free virtual event for SMEs


Drive 2022 was designed for SMEs looking for tangible ways to transition to sustainable practices and in turn take care of the planet.

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If you have already registered, log on to watch any sessions you may have missed. We brought together industry leaders and business owners, who shared their incredible journeys and what they have learnt along the way.

Welcome with Emma Cunningham

Emma Cunningham Regional Head of Communications, GBM, Asia Pacific, HSBC

The Importance of ESG

A keynote speech on the importance of the environmental aspect of ESG and how these can provide opportunities for SMEs; the moral imperative and the business case for prioritizing sustainability.

Wai-Shin Chan Head of Climate Change Centre of Excellence, Global Head of ESG Research, HSBC

The ESG trailblazers

A deep dive into what people and businesses are doing to really transform our planet through environmental and social changes. These trailblazers unearth the roadblocks they faced and how they overcame them.

Ankit Gupta Co-founder, Simple Energy

Ben Wong Head of Open Innovation, Eureka Nova, a New World Group Member

Gabriel Tan Director, GUAVA Amenities

Rohit Bhattacharya CFO, Next Gen Foods

Dan Roberts Global Head of Business Banking, HSBC (Host)

Transitioning to Sustainable Business Models

What ESG elements Corporates look for in their supply chain and how incubators can support SMEs in their sustainability integration.

Cintia Nunes Co-Director,The Mills Fabrica

Datin Mina Cheah-Foong Managing Director, InNature Berhad

Jasmine Ling Head of Sustainable Finance, Asia Pacific, HSBC (Host)

The Rapid Rise of Alt Protein in Asia

Join founder, and Editor-in-Chief, of Asia’s leading sustainability start-up media, Green Queen, Sonalie Figuerias for a thought-provoking discussion and rise of plant-based food alternatives in the Asia Pacific region. Hear her views on why Asia is fuelling the future of food.

Sonalie Figueiras Founder & CEO at Green Queen, Ekowarehouse &

Dan Roberts Global Head of Business Banking, HSBC (Host)

Purpose-led Profit - Businesses Changing the World Focus on ESG

Join our panel of business leaders to discuss how their own alignment with ESG values has accelerated their achievements whilst enabling them to cultivate successful organisations with exceptionally strong missions at their core.

Lyndsey Simpson Founder and CEO, 55/Redefined

Nidal Haddad CEO, Al Bayader International

Yang Liu Founder & CEO, JustWears

Patricia Gomes Regional Head, Commercial Banking, HSBC MENAT (Host)

Gain a competitive advantage from your ESG strategy

Having a green strategy is great, but it's even better if it sets you apart from the competition and increases your revenue. Hear from B Corp UK on how to harness and commercialise your sustainability agenda. Do good for the planet while doing good for your bottom line.

James Ghaffari Director of Growth and Product, B-Corp UK

Krishnan Rajagopalan Head of APAC Partnerships, Stripe

Martin Richards Executive Vice President and Global Head of Sustainable Finance and President, HSBC Ventures Inc. (Host)

'Good Business' is Good for Business

Arian Simone Co-Founder & General Partner of Fearless Fund

Michael Roberts CEO HSBC US (Host)

Exploring Solutions to Reach your Green Goals

How is the global supply chain reacting to the need to be "sustainable"? And what does this mean for you and your business? In this session, we will explore solutions for now and the future and how to help grow your business - in a sustainable way.

Angie Hall Head of Sustainable Finance, Commercial Banking, HSBC Canada

Francois Gilles President & Co-founder of Opsun Systems Inc.

Lindsey Hermes Head of Enterprise Solutions, Serai

Andrew Skinner Head of Global Trade and Receivables Finance, HSBC Canada (Host)

Women to the World: maximising the power of business women (session will be in Spanish)

Hear about Women to the World (Mujeres al Mundo) program, which is responding to the social demands of women in Latin America to have a more important role in the business world.

Dora Beatriz Co-founder and Non-Executive Director at Fondomonte, Almarai Group subsidiary

Mariuz Calvet-Roquero Head of Sustainable Finance, Commercial Banking, HSBC Mexico

Melisa Turano Head of Lending, Transaction Management HSBC and Co-Founder of Mujeres al Mundo, HSBC Argentina

Laura Manzo CEO, Dalia Empower (Host)

Montserrat Munlloch Regional Head of Marketing for Commercial Banking Mexico and Latin America, HSBC (Host)

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